Who’s In Control?

Wowza! Last week was certainly a doozy. I feel as though I lived several lifetimes in the course of the past seven days. I don’t recognize much of anything in the world these days and that may not be a bad thing.

Real Old Testament Stuff

Movie buffs will remember those words as part of a famous scene from the original movie Ghostbusters. Follow the link to watch the scene, it is worth it. But the truth is, we are living in an Old Testament type state of mass hysteria and there is only one answer. It is the same answer that existed for the Israelites of the Old Testament and the only one that would really solve the problems that exist today.

His divine power has given us everything needed for life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who call us by his own glory and goodness. Thus he has given us, through these things, his precious and very great promises, so that through them you may escape from the corruption that is in the world because of lust, and may become participants of the divine nature.

2 Peter 1:3-4

Powerless Without Humility

Humanity relying on its own knowledge and wisdom, trying to solve the problems created by that knowledge and wisdom is doomed to make matters worse. Without God, we, by nature, do all that we do with a personal bias and self interest. It is only with God that we are able to step outside of ourselves and do that which is righteous.

The United States has moved further and further away from the principles on which it was founded. This is not a right vs left, Republican vs Democrat issue. This is a wide spread humanity issue. We are all guilty and fall short of God’s perfect plan. We are all sinners and must humble ourselves before God and pray. I am regularly wakened in the middle of the night with a thought in my mind that I know has been placed there by God. I lay still and pray until I fall back asleep. Once my job is done, sleep returns. It is a beautiful symbiotic relationship that I cherish more than life itself. The giver of life is calling on me to assist in his precious work.


I recognize my weakness and my flaws (well, most of them). I understand that if I believe that power resides within me to change the world then I am a fool. However, if I live in humility and supplication to God, the creator of the universe, then his power works through me to accomplish more than I could ever dream possible. He is at work in advance of everything I am to do; he is paving the way, softening minds and hearts and will bring to me the people and circumstances that are intended for me. The result will be his glory shining in the world through me. I am made less, that he is made greater.

There is not been, in my lifetime, a greater example of humanity grasping for power and control than we have right now. Some would say it is President Trump who is trying to overthrow our democracy. I say it is the ones that are trying to destroy him. It is not enough that he will no longer be the President; no they are attempting to destroy him as a human being. He has less than two weeks before leaving the White House. Let him walk out and back into private life then move on. But that is not good enough for the people who are anxious for power and control.

As followers of Jesus Christ we are promised not an easy life, but a life that looks much like what Donald Trump has experienced during the past five years. We are targets of those who do not believe. We are targets of other ‘religions’ and their followers. We are targets of those within our own denominations and between denominations. Standing firm in one’s faith in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone is guaranteed to bring earthly isolation and pain.

But take heart as we are not alone. Remember I said God goes before us? If everything we do in life is preceded with prayer and thankfulness to God through faith in Jesus Christ, We will be able to endure the arrows and stones sent our way. How does President Trump keep going day in and day out? It isn’t under his own power. There is only one way to survive what he has survived and that is the knowledge that his path was set before him by God.

Spend time with God every morning. Come to him with an open and thankful heart then wait for him to show you your way through this season of mass hysteria. We all have a job to do and no two paths are exactly the same. But if we each just do what we are given to do, change will happen. Nothing is impossible with God.


America The Beautiful – Purple Mountain Majesties

On Saturday morning as I sat, quietly reflecting and praying, the words “purple mountain majesties” floated through my consciousness. There was no context other than it was the Fourth of July, and our nation was preparing to celebrate its Declaration of Independence. In the midst of our current isolation and strife, this Fourth was not going to be like most. We couldn’t gather. Were there parades? I don’t recall any in my area. This year we were alone with our families and ourselves to observe the bold step taken one hundred forty four years ago.

As is so often the case, in my relationship with God, I knew that this thought was not random. It was a gift directly to me from God. At the moment those words crossed my mind I immediately knew that I must capture “purple mountain majesties” in my artistic medium of choice: fiber. I gathered my watercolors, art journal, and began doing quick paintings of the things that came to mind as I thought about that phrase.

I am an abstract fiber artist. I dye wool, spin yarn then crochet, weave and embroider pieces of art. Whatever the final outcome of the art piece or pieces, these are merely an attempt to record that moment with God.

Today I read an NPR transcript from last year about the author of America The Beautiful and listened to the song sung in three distinctive styles. I was moved to tears by all of them. Ray Charles’ version immediately came to mind as the first one I wanted to hear. His soulful, power filled rendition has a gritty, real life message. Elvis Presley and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir both served up the song in worship to God whose grace shone down on the founding our great country.

I don’t know the final outcome of this work, I just know I have an assignment. My job is to pick up this mantle and carry it forward; the rest is up to God.

Until tomorrow, may you have a day filled with purpose and a night of peaceful rest…