I’ve Moved: Please Visit

Just as I hit my stride blogging here I up and decide to move! It is SO me.

A new name deserves a new look. With the focus change to my inspired life, and encouraging you to live your inspired life, I wanted to be able to offer more features and an aesthetic that matches my goals. There is a learning curve to the new format. Rather than waiting to get all the learning done, I decided to get the basics done and then start writing.

I know I will loose some of you in the transition, but I hope you give it a try and follow me over to Sheryl Inspired and sign up to follow me there. Here is a snippet from today’s post. Click on the link to read the full post.

Sheryl…Inspired: Same Me, New Address

By sherylmeans

Change is Good

Why the change? When the focus of the blog transitioned to daily inspiration the previous format just didn’t fit any longer. I will be working to migrate all my old posts here so that anyone who finds me from this point forward will be able to go back and catch up.

Small Still Voice

The original purpose for Small Still Voice was to chronicle my study of the words of Jesus. And while that will still be a part of this blog, I believe the title change and the broader subject matter will provide me with years of things to say. My faith shapes my world view, thus everything I write will come from that perspective.

The other factor with the previous approach is that I am NOT a Biblical scholar. I know that I don’t have to be a scholar to talk about what Jesus means to me or what has been ascribed as his words. I began to feel I wandered of my designated path and was fighting through the trees and underbrush to once again find my way. I was working way too hard to make a point; it was not inspired writing. God has something different for me to do in the public realm.

I will continue posting links to the new site for a while. I want to give as many of you as possible the chance to find me before I go silent here.

Until next time, peace & love,


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