According Collins Dictionary, the urban use of the term squirrelly is an informal term meaning very nervous, sensitive, strange, or unpredictable.

Squirrels are fairly low on the food chain, so their sensitive, nervous and unpredictable behavior is key to remaining alive. So, while the above description may sound negative, I find them endearingly cute (I’ve always been drawn to the rodent family) and an inspiration.

This morning I watched a young squirrel scamper across my fence, down the post into the grass. I didn’t watch him/her in the grass but my cat was alert to its movements. Shortly, it ran back up the fence post carrying something in its mouth and escaped to the tree in my neighbor’s yard. It was then I remembered something amazing I learned from watching a documentary about these furry little rodents.

They bury one nut per 2-inch deep hole, and cover it back up discreetly.

When the leaves fall from the trees, in the dead of winter, they can remember the location of all these buried treasures, and dig them up, even through feet of snow.

But how is it possible for an animal with a brain the size of a walnut to actually remember where they buried all their walnuts?

Their hippo campus, which is a brain structure critical for memory, appears to change by season, developing more neuron activity, and even expanding in size in the fall, when the job of caching is due to begin.

Animal Facts Encyclopedia

Learning from Squirrels

So, in modern terminology, squirrels are hardwired to know how to find the nuts left the previous year. I find that simply amazing.

We are all hardwired in different ways. Everyone has innate qualities and abilities that are unique and have a purpose. I believe God has created each of us with a skill set, that when discovered and used, makes the world a better place to live.

We tend to take our own gifts for granted. How many times have I thought, “What comes easily to me must not be special; surely everyone can do this.” The truth is, if this were the case none of us would be special because we would all be good at the same things. It is precisely because we have different wiring that it is so important to value not only what we are good at but find and extol those things in others. If everyone kept their gifts to themselves I would not be writing this post on a fabulous computer, or cooking in an air fryer. Some genius person used their gifts to make life a little easier and more fun.

Let your light shine while you help someone else shine as well.

Peace & Love,


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