Still Seeking

Back in October I wrote a post about my sacred space and seeking that small, still voice. Then I lost focus, wandered aimlessly while grasping at things I thought I wanted or needed, until I re-read that post this morning. It struck a chord with me as much as it did the day I wrote it. Follow the link to read it for yourself. It is worth the time. Then come back here. I have more to say.

Eight months later I am feeling somewhat lost again; for so long I haven’t been able to figure out why. I’m doing the stuff I thought would make me happy and fulfill my soul. Guess what? It hasn’t worked and that caused the feelings of hopelessness and emptiness to grow. Nothing shows what is going on in my head like that view of my desk I took this morning. Disorganized, messy with no real ability to function or be productive much less be conducive to peaceful meditations.

This morning, while sipping coffee and reading The Truth And Beauty by Andrew Klavan, I sat and quietly asked for guidance; and then I waited. What happened next was amazing. It was a fantastical experience of life flashing before my eyes that gave me a glimpse into the purpose for which I was brought to this earth.

In my mind’s eye images of me through the years came flooding back as if they had just happened, but these images encompassed most of my life and all of them revolved around faith in and love for Jesus Christ. These images include being the only one in my family passionate about church, to baptism, teaching in the church, going to Bible college to learn as much as I could and being identified as having the gift of teaching, mentoring youth, receiving unsolicited encouragement to write, and realizing that the only writing I can consistently do is when I write about faith its value to life itself.

God has given me a gift. I can write in a way that seems to resonate with people. I’m a simple person and what I have to say is not academic, flowery or fancy. I write about the ways God touches my life. I do it in the hope that someone somewhere connects with Him through my words.

I am on a new journey. I know it will be transformative for me and I desperately want to document it here. I want it to be a consistent and enriching experience for myself and anyone who wanders across the path of this story. I will save the rest for another day. If you have found me for the first time or this is your first time…welcome. This blog is not new but it is renamed and repurposed. I contemplated erasing old posts, but decided against it. We all come to Jesus at different times and in different ways.

I never really left, rather I allowed myself to loose focus and look towards other things to fill the emptiness. Without daily worship and listening there is no way to know what direction life should take. Jesus will never lead me (or you) down a path of harm or destruction. There is no need to fear or worry. Jesus suffered and died so that we all may know God. With that much love what is left to fear?

Until next time….Sheryl

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