Life Without Change?

Is there such a thing? Not in my world there isn’t. I think that is one of the reasons I am drawn to the dandelion seed. With the help of the hair like protrusions called papus, the seeds float on the breeze until landing, hopefully in a fertile location. Most days I float without specific direction or purpose.

Change Is Good

I am four and half years into my life beyond owning a yarn shop and just a few months past ‘working’ on any kind of fiber business at all. These days I am rather aimless. Which is why I have come back to writing on this blog. But, simply recording the whims of my life doesn’t seem to be enough. I feel as though I do more whining that writing anything of interest or value. I want my words to make a difference, or at least be interesting enough to seek out every now and again. I am just a normal human being and my life is fairly dull. So, who do I think I am to expect folks to read what I have to say? I am working on a plan to correct that very problem.

The big change for right now is the address of the blog. I changed the extension so now you can find me at I decided I want to keep the .com address for a different use later on.

Blogging Success

The definition of a successful blog is different for every person who undertakes blogging. For some financial gain is the primary goal therefore a blog that generates the necessary income is a successful blog. Still others focus on news, entertainment, or politics, in which case a highly engaged and large following is the determiner of success.

Blogging success generally depends on a few things – the blog must have a specific focus and purpose and, often, offers instruction in something. A blog with a specific focus is one of my personal favorites My One Beautiful Thing. If you have never read this blog I implore you to visit. Donna’s goal is to find one beautiful thing everyday and write about it. Her ‘etsomnia’ posts are fabulously hysterical and such a fun glimpse into the world of shopping on Etsy.

My Definition Of Success

I’ve been giving all of this a great deal of thought over the past few days, and have decided my blog title says it best ‘Little Seedlings.’ I am a teacher at heart. With my blog I want to plant little seeds that will grow and nourish other people’s soul – or at least put a smile on their face.

I consider my blog to be a success if even one person benefits from what I have written. This might seem like a low bar; of course I would love to have lots of readers and have an impact on the most people possible, but one is all it takes to satisfy me. The writing process brings me such joy and fulfillment – the main reason I do it – and the knowledge that someone somewhere has a better day because of my words, so much the better.

I blog to write. It is just that simple. Writing is my calling; it is that something that I must do every day. It is the thing that I can do all day and never tire of the process. Writing is also a craft that needs constant work to perfect. The nagging voice inside my head tells me that since I didn’t go to college I can never hope to succeed in writing to a level that is worthy of being read by people who don’t know and love me. I am working to silence that voice while finding other ways to educate myself. I will not be deterred. I have waited a lifetime to have the time and courage to find my voice and consistently write with a goal.

What To Expect

I am taking next week off to plan, research and celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. When I return I will have my new structure in place and a brand new post. I am excited to plan and have fresh ideas and stories.

What will you find when you come back to the blog from now on? Variety, but variety on a theme. I love a theme and themes will help me organize my content in a way that will make it easy for all of us. I need the structure so that I don’t wander aimless and over discuss the world inside my head. The structure will also allow you, my reader, to follow the kind of content you are interested in reading.

I will be experimenting with different kinds of writing:

Personal stories and inspiration,

Short fiction,

Historical stories especially about women and their amazing ordinary lives,


Home and family.

I want to be here for the long haul. I want to write for myself, but I hope my words resonate with you and make your day just a little brighter. Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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