It’s Coffee, Not Politics

The environment is one of those subjects that has been co-opted by politicians to bring people to their side and win votes. They play a game of tug-o-war, pulling and promising until one side finally wins a round.

While I am sure there are people in the world who don’t care a wit about the earth, the vast majority of thinking people do care. I care. I am passionate about nature and want to take the best care possible of this amazing resource. Where I generally part ways with the political environmentalists is in the solutions to the issues we face. I don’t worship the earth, I worship the God who created it. We humans were given dominion over the earth and all that lives here but that doesn’t mean we have carte blanche to use and abuse. There should be laws; there should be guidelines; but I will say this again, solutions to all problems are always best solved when government and the private sector work in tandem. The issue with that solution is then no one group gets credit or has power over the other. Oh, and don’t forget the money and influence peddlers; that is a whole issue by itself.

I hate that belonging to one political party or the other has to totally define who we are as people and citizens of the world. I hate that we have been polarized by narratives that declare ‘you are either with us or against us.’ I am a Republican because my philosophy of the role of government, but that doesn’t means that I want to pollute the earth, take away someone’s healthcare, incarcerate innocent people, or tolerate racism or social injustice. Imagine how much we could get done as a country if we just took the power and money out of the equation and talked to one another like the neighbors we are. Sigh.

Back To Small Decisions

I am the only coffee drinker in my household. I’ve always used a drip brewing type coffee maker with paper filters. Then, I made the switch to the single pod type system. Convenient. A novelty. One cup at a time, always hot and fresh; however, I soon tired of buying those expensive boxes of pods and even worse, I HATED throwing away the empty plastic. It all seemed like such a waste.

So, then I invested in two reusable mesh baskets for my machine. I buy my coffee, fill two each morning and enjoy my coffee. All was well in my little world until this machine began malfunctioning. We have really, really hard water where I live and no amount of cleaning of coffee makers seem to help them last very long. So now I am faced with disposing of coffee makers every couple of years. This goes against everything I want and believe in. So I bought a Chemex. They look cool and it seems to solve my issues. Well, not so fast.

I tried the metal mesh filter. I tried paper. I tried paper in a metal filter. I was totally unsatisfied with the results. It may have been the grind of the coffee was wrong and that is why the metal filter clogged and the water would not flow – 45 minutes to make a cup of coffee will never be acceptable. The Chemex paper filters are expensive and I’m back to the disposability issue. Frustrated, I put the Chemex in the cabinet and went back to the single cup system.

Then, targeted advertising worked! I found an organic cotton filter designed for the Chemex.

I love how well it works and especially that I can use it over and over again. My coffee has a cleaner flavor – no bitterness and no particles to surprise me in the last sip. I am delighted.

I don’t garden or compost at this time, but I don’t worry as much about the small amount of coffee grounds put into the trash as I did all the other stuff I used to dispose of just to have a cup of coffee. The other great thing for me is, when this filter is no longer good for coffee making (not sure how to know that yet), I can use the cloth in textile art projects. Absolute zero waste. Next I’m going to knit a cozy for my Chemex pot to help the coffee stay warm longer. That will be a fun project. I’ll be sure to put that up on Instagram (@sherylmakesalife).

This is just one example from my life where small changes improve the quality of my life and just might make a difference for the world around me. Happy Thursday everyone!


1 thought on “It’s Coffee, Not Politics”

  1. A great idea! I have never heard of a Chemex before. It’s so cute! We switched to Keurig a while ago and I grind my own beans and use refillable pods. We appreciate the convenience of brewing a single cup at a time as hubby is drinking less coffee these days.


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