The Final Word

Today I am doing things a little differently. I’m not going outside because, well, it is kind of gross out there this morning. Mugginess has replaced the cool fall air. Delta is churning in the gulf and we are expecting some wind and rain tomorrow. So today I’m indoors. But I’m also coming inside in a different way.

I have stated my opinion, asking no one to agree rather asking that each individual consider the core beliefs that they hold dear as each makes a decision in this election. I do believe it is a fundamental choice between our country as envisioned and a country where the many are ruled by the few. It won’t be immediate. But it will be the next step in the breakdown of our country as founded.

So many laws are passed with good intentions then expand removing more and more freedoms. I will never believe that the government can ever be as innovative and efficient as the private sector. Current examples include space travel and exploration and work on a COVID-19 vaccine. Government and the private sector working together for the good of all. It can happen.

Government alone is tyranny. Private sector alone means the natural tendency of humanity towards greed and power can flow unchecked. We need each other. The issue is balance.

This is still the country people around the world idealize and want to come to…there is a reason and we are all blessed to be here.

I now turn to God. I believe prayer works. I’m not praying for a Republican sweep as I don’t want either party in complete control. I am praying for God to touch the hearts of the people of the United States that we might see each other as He sees us; for us to be the merciful and kind people we are known to be; that we would come together, heal wounds, heal lives, families, and move forward to create a more perfect country for all. Most of all I am praying that the inherent good of humanity rise and stand firm against any force that seeks to destroy.

I have said all I am going to say. No more news. No more blog posts. No more. My sphere is small and I have done my part. The only thing left is prayer and stepping inside the voting booth.

I’m going to take a few days away and when I return I will be back to writing about other subjects as I continue on this path of intentionally crafting a life worth living.


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