Four More Weeks

Warning: Political opinion ahead. Since this is my blog it may be the last place my conservative opinion will be allowed to become public. I post this with trepidation. I do not do debate well. My brain freezes and any logical line of thinking evaporates like the morning dew and I am left staring, as if in a drunken stupor. In a country divided and dissent silenced, we are all still entitled to our personal opinions. So, read on if my opinion is of interest. If not, I’ll be back tomorrow with another life making post.

The Business of Politics

The philosophical divide in our country has, in my adult lifetime, never been wider. Politically we have had plenty of ups and downs and hatred spewed from both sides towards representatives of the opposing party; but never in all those years have the philosophies been more divergent. We are not voting for president we are voting for the political ideology that will rule this country for generations to come.

To be perfectly clear, I do not trust politicians from either party. Both are interested in money, power and keeping both for themselves. I believe most would sell their mothers down the river if it advanced them politically. Don’t let a kind word or civil demeanor lull you into thinking that someone asking for your vote really cares deeply about your personal well being. I think they go into politics for the right reasons and then must quickly decide to play the game or get out.

I came of age during Watergate. I vividly remember the trials and still to this day carry the image of Richard Nixon giving one last wave as he left the White House after resigning. I didn’t like what he was accused of doing, but at the same time I felt sorry for him and a little sorry for our country. I was just a young teen at the time and really had no true understanding of the situation. My parents had always voted for Democratic candidates, but something about this process bothered my young mind.

I voted in my first presidential election in 1976. We didn’t talk politics at home so I have no idea how my parents voted that year. I assume because of party affiliation they voted for Jimmy Carter, but I could be wrong. As I write this I am realizing that with that very first voting experience I made my own decision. I did not vote along party lines because that is what my parents taught me. I voted what I felt and believed. My vote that year what a vote against something rather than a staunch support for someone. I’m sure I couldn’t articulate it at the time, I might not be able to do it today, but it was a gut feeling and I went with it. I cast that ballot for Gerald Ford. There was something about Jimmy Carter that I couldn’t trust. He was and is a very kind, good person. His work with Habitat For Humanity and other organizations is beyond admirable and from a humanitarian standpoint I feel a kinship with his world view. I just didn’t feel that he was equipped to lead the United States. Sadly, I was right.

World Views and Life Philosophies

And that brings us to today. The election of our next president is a vote, not for the specific person, but rather for the ideology we desire for the United States going forward. This is not a contest to see who is the most patriotic as there are people on both sides who love this country with equal vigor. This is not a good vs evil, God fearing vs God denying, north vs south, east vs west, white vs everyone else, male vs female vs LGBTQI. No, very simply this is a fight to determine if we are going to continue being a country governing from the bottom up or aggressively from the top down.

Without using divisive political terminology, I simply believe in our country as founded. A country by the people for the people and of the people. Politicians are our employees we are not their subjects. The role of the federal government should simply live within the bounds of Article I Section 8 of the Constitution. And while the world is a much more complex place that it was on September 17, 1787, I do not believe that it is in the best interest of anyone to have power centralized in Washington DC.

In this polarized environment it is hard sometimes to discern truth from spin. To the best of my ability I have come to believe that the leaders of the modern Democratic Party seek to move this country farther away from its founding philosophies towards a centralized, socialistic style of government. That is incompatible with my core values and beliefs.

What I Am Voting For

1. Protection of our borders, language and culture while welcoming immigrants from other countries in a legal and humane manner. This requires major improvements in our existing immigration laws that will make it easier to navigate the system and encourage legal immigration.

2. As the legal immigration issue is handled, compassionate care for those seeking asylum in the United States will also be easier to accomplish for those truly in need. This is who we are as a country. We cannot, however, simply open the borders then adequately care for each and every person who comes in. Immigration must be in the best interest of the people who come as well as for those of us already here.

3. All life has value and is sacred. Black life, brown life, white life, old life, young life and life that has not been born. I am not calling for the outlawing of abortion; however, legal scholars much smarter than I have argued the merits of the decision, I simply believe it should be a state by state issue. The values of Texas are not the same as California and we should be able to make that determination for ourselves. For those who argue the availability of abortion on demand up to and including in the ninth month, I beg you to consider the millions of people who would choose to adopt and the difficulty of doing so because of the babies never born. As with all well intentioned ideas there is a slippery slope. A restrictive abortion rights act was passed which now has broadened its scope to allow the procedure to be done much farther into the pregnancy. I beg you to research the founding of Planned Parenthood. For all the health care it affords poor women, it was founded for one very specific purpose.

4. Freedom from a federal government who wants to control healthcare. As we have discovered during the COVID outbreak they believe it is their duty to protect us from ourselves and each other. If they are able to control healthcare isn’t it feasible then that they will move towards regulating what we eat, drink, wear, where we go and what we do all under the guise of “protection?” This could lead to governmental control over the food supply, businesses, manufacturing, and more.

5. America can no longer be at the mercy of foreign governments because our politicians have sold us out. This goes for both parties. Politicians have become rich and powerful by selling access and power. If an enemy of our country prefers one candidate over another I must ask myself why and evaluate my vote accordingly.In an era of ‘self care’ the United States must take care of itself or it will have no resources to aid the rest of the world.

6. I believe in equality of opportunity not equality of outcome. I am voting for the private sector. We are at our best when the innovation, compassion and hard work of the American people is allowed to flourish. Government can never do anything as effectively as people set free to dream, create and build.

7. I am voting for a Supreme Court that upholds the letter of the Constitution rather than having judges who are actively seeking to change the laws from the bench. Recent cases decided by “conservative” judges have not gone the way I would like. However, after listening to the reasons I see where they came down on the side of the law as written not the law as they believe it should be. THAT is the role of the highest court in the land.

8. Freedoms that we once took for granted are being stripped away from those of us with a conservative world view. Social media giants need to be regulated. As someone who typically rallies against big government, I see this as falling under commerce as well as free speech. Watch The Social Dilemma before Election Day and see if you believe there is something to be concerned about.

9. I am voting to bring troops home and shut down military bases overseas that no longer benefit the safety and security of the United States. I want the military industrial complex shut down.

10. Law and order – we simply cannot accept a country where looting and violence are acceptable and even encouraged. Prison reform must be a priority, but prison reform doesn’t mean opening the doors and allowing felons to walk free. Prison reform doesn’t mean elimination of bail so that more crimes can be committed while someone is awaiting trial. This is happening in Houston everyday of the week and I am sure it is happening where you live as well.

Those are my ten points with which I will be evaluating a candidate. You need no agree or disagree, I simply ask that each and every legally authorized voter take the time to think through what is important to you. Don’t make a decision because anyone tells you who to vote for; decide because you know what is important to you. Your vote matters.


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