Letting Go

No recipes today. Yesterday did not go as planned, so I am punting.

The weather yesterday was absolutely perfect for a trip to my favorite local nursery, Enchanted Gardens, and maybe find some inspiration for my backyard. As is always the case when I go there I was overwhelmed, in the best possible way, and had a hard time making any kind of a decision. I made one full pass, stopping to visit the goats and chickens, then went back for the things I thought I might like to have.

A good friend advised me to just jump in and start on the yard. Don’t overthink. She knows me well. Over thinking is what I do best. So, this morning I sat here, looking at the way the sun shines on the yard and thinking about what would be best in both corners. Analyzing what is already here and how the property lies, gave me the answer I had been struggling with. I had (and it is shown in the sketch I posted last week) a certain layout I wanted. However, when I really looked at the sun/shade pattern I realized that is not the best choice. Not my will, but thy will.

That corner, just beyond the marigold is the southwest corner of the yard. It receives wonderful sunlight most of the day . This is originally where I planned on putting my writing shed, but now, that just doesn’t feel right. The randomly selected plants I purchased are all sun loving and that might just be the perfect corner for them.

This lovely, shady little corner (with an old cushion blocking the dogs from visiting our neighbors) is THE perfect spot for an outdoor seating area. There is already a vine growing that I could train to move up and over an arbor; and how lovely would my nature loom look here as well? I am rethinking the writing shed. The whole purpose of this backyard remodel is to be outside. I can find a space inside the house to write when the weather does not permit me being outside, or if inspiration hits at night. I find I am most inspired outside, in the fresh air, listening to the birds and watching nature at work and play. I want a garden that attracts nature. I want the suburban wildlife to have a new home here. I am merely setting the stage for them to flourish. And then I get to watch, listen and enjoy the show.

As I walk through this season of my life I am constantly reminded the work of my hands is sacred. When I yield myself and do the tasks I am given then the glory is not mine it is God’s. There are no words adequate to describe the feeling that comes from living life in this manner.

Isn’t it amazing how, when control is relinquished, a path is clear and the destination is in sight?

May you discover your path and find joy in the journey.


1 thought on “Letting Go”

  1. Paralysis of analysis. That’s what I call it when I get tied up about having to make decisions about things inside the house or out. It happens often. Sometimes I long for long stretches of “same-ness” but none seems forthcoming. Still, it’s fun to plan, isn’t it?


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