Everyday Joy

It is often the little things that add so much depth, pleasure and beauty to life. One decadent piece of chocolate. The perfect cup of coffee. Sweater weather. A letter instead of a bill in the mail. A hug, a smile, a kind word. There are a multitude of possibilities available. Sometimes these little pearls of joy fall in our lap; but sometimes, we have to make them happen.

Lure Of The Apple Fritter

This morning I decided to make a grocery store run before the rain from tropical storm Beta started to move onshore. The dogs needed food and an apple fritter was sounding pretty tasty. I got a cart and started on my usual path to the produce department. Instead of going around the florals like I normally do, I was drawn in by the colors and textures of fall.

Mums are usually my go to fall flower, but weird artificially colored blooms are not my style. I found one bouquet of stunning gold and russet alstomeria. Alstomeria reminds me of lilies and last a very long time. Lots of floral bang for the buck. A vivid orange Carthamus and rust Achillea complete my bouquet.

Lest anyone think I throw Latin plant names in casual conversation like a wildlife botanist…take heart. I do not. But what I can do is internet research. I came home and discovered that, in addition to the alstomeria, I had purchased varieties of yarrow (Achillea) and safflower (Carthamus).

Simplicity in shades of autumn.

I spent $17 on flowers. There was a time when I would never dream of spending money on something destined for death. It was a luxury that didn’t make sense. I know I am blessed to now be able to afford a little luxury such as fresh flowers. The problem is, despite a floral department in every grocery store, I rarely think about buying flowers. I still carry the old mindset. My frame of mind keeps me bringing beauty and joy into my home.

Simplicity and beauty.

My $17 yielded the lovely arrangement in the living room, as well as a modern grouping of single stalks of yarrow. They draw my eye to the fireplace as soon as I walk into the house. They make me smile. I also have an arrangement in the kitchen window and on the kitchen table. Four distinctly different yet equally charming bouquets.

Alstomeria and Enchilada Man (so named by our granddaughter)
A cluster of safflowers on the kitchen table.

All together I have four small vases filled with beauty; best $4.25 I have spent in a long time.

So what is the take away message for today? When you are working on making your best life, start with the little things. Your thing may not be flowers. That’s ok. Figure out the simple things you love, or once loved, and find a way to bring them back into your everyday. It isn’t just the big changes that shape the course of life, it is the simple, little everyday things that add up to a life well-lived.

Follow along on Instagram (@sherylmakesalife) to find out what happens with the flowers as well as more of my daily adventures. Tag me with your daily pleasures. I would love to know makes you smile.


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