Making A Life = Making Choices

During the past week I have had so much inspiration about what I want to do and where I see this new blog direction taking us that I had to slow down and do a little planning. While my nature is spontaneous and random, those tendencies do not lend themselves to longevity and cohesiveness. My focus ranges from narrow to wide resulting in confusion. I want this blog to be different. I want to be different.

What Is Making A Life?

First and foremost it is about choices. Making the kind of choices every minute of everyday that lead to the outcome I desire. Those choices involve not only what I eat, with whom I socialize, the voices I allow to influence my thoughts, what I wear, where I go, spend my money, and make with my hands. I want to be more purposeful about all the little things in life. Making a life means giving it over to God and then taking control of the things over which I truly have control.

This blog will chronicle how I make some of these choices. I hope to do it with grace and humor. I always say that it is not easy being me; not because I have a rough life or suffer from outside forces. No, it is because what goes on inside my head is a like a never ending hamster on a wheel. If I can just corral that little rodent in my head I might actually finish something. Self effacing humor is my life line.

Making A Handmade Home

Making things with my hands is my life blood. Sometimes I just pick up yarn and a tool—hook, needles, loom—and just yarn doodle to keep my hands busy and my mind quiet. Other times it is a needle and thread, or paint brush and paint, or just pencil and paper. No matter what the medium, I live to make.

I have cooked dinner since I was nine years old. I have painted, decorated, sewed, and worked at making my house a home. When I make things it has generally always been with an eye towards personalizing my living space. But sometimes I make things to wear or accessories such as scarves, wraps, and jewelry.

Instagram (@mycontinuousthread) is where I will be recording most of these things, but I will share projects, instructions, and patterns here. These posts will appear on Mondays as originally planned. My hope with these posts is that what I am making or doing will inspire you to try something new and creative in your life. That is my ultimate joy. That is the teacher in me; I love to teach, inspire and motivate others. I want everyone to know the joy of working with their hands and creating something.

Wednesdays Are Wild

Wowza Wednesday became kind of a millstone around my neck. So, instead, every Wednesday I will post a photo and share why and how it inspires me. And, if we are really lucky I will then share how that inspiration led to a tangible item. There is so much inspiration around us each and every day; I want to slow down and be more intentional about looking for it.

Friendship Friday

I am blessed to have many creative people in my life and I will feature them from time to time. I think those posts will take over one Friday per month—Friendship Friday is what I’m calling it.

Sometimes I will share the makers I don’t know personally but admire as well. I love being inspired by all the amazing folks available through social media. Sometimes these people become so much a part of my life I do consider them friends. Others are strangers whose hand work touches me and I just must share.

Making = Living

The cliche “Created to create” is a cliche because it is true. I believe that God placed in each one of us an internal desire to make things with our hands. To create something that wasn’t there before; something that makes the world a better place and reminds someone we were here. If I can light one little spark in someone else then there is a chance they will do the same for another person. Before you know it we have ourselves a bonfire of creation.

Thanks for reading. If you signed up to follow along, thank you so very much. Please comment and start a conversation. We all have something to bring to this table.

Have a safe and blessed weekend.


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