We All Wear Masks

Until the onset of the pandemic the only masks I ever though much about were Halloween, facials, and Mardi Gras. Masks, like so many things in our world, have taken on a whole new meaning in our Covid-19 infected world.

Purpose Of Masks

Masks hide or protect. Super heroes, criminals, hunters, and The Masked Singer all wear masks for anonymity. Medical personnel, manufacturing and construction workers, as well as hobbyists wear them for protection. And now, we all wear masks in an effort to protect each other from air borne germs.

There is another kind of mask that most of us wear without even realizing we are doing it. It is the kind of mask that tells the world we are fine. We show the world we are brave, or strong, or smart, or confident. We put this mask on as automatically as we brush our teeth or get dressed.

We are trained from an early age how to behave in public; what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. And this is as it should be. No one likes a temper tantrum no matter what the age or reason. We learn to smile, say, “Fine, thank you” and not let the world know we are hurting on the inside. There are masks we hide behind even with those close to us. It is safer there. It is survival.

There are very few places we feel safe enough for the vulnerability of unmasking our true selves. Home and family should be one of those places. And yet, there is always a part of us we keep private, thoughts and fears that aren’t shared; those thoughts represent the things with which we need the most help. Where are we to go?


There is one place to go where it is not only possible, but preferable to show up without a mask. That place is at the feet of Jesus. We are told to come as we are—God created each of us and knows us before we have said or done a thing. To mask up before entering His presence is only placing a barrier that prevents us from receiving all God has waiting. When we come to God, open and vulnerable, we find security, love, forgiveness, understanding, and a peace that passes all understanding.

In a world that is filled with disease, violence, anger, and pain, I think we all need to take off the mask, take a deep breath and rest in the arms of the only one who fully understands and can guide us through the maze of life.

May you find His peace this weekend.


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