I Can See Clearly Now

June Bug has a brand new windshield. The distorted line of sight is gone enabling me to clearly see where I am traveling. If only it was this easy in other areas of life.

Navigation Systems

Today we have devices in our hands as well as in our cars that can give us verbal directions as we drive or walk. Gone are the days of wrangling a giant paper map to find the best route. I used to love to get the map out and look at all the exciting possible detours that could be taken during the course of a road trip. My husband still prefers the old way. He can lay the full map out and see all the options from which to choose his desired route. This is not possible on a small screen where you can see where you are and a line showing the best possible route to the destination. But the smaller roads, the scenic route, that is harder to find with the electronic systems. If speed and efficiency of travel are the goals then the electronic method is by far the best solution. If, however, travel for the sake of the experience is what is desired, I suggest going old school.

Change Navigation Systems

16 This is what the Lord says: ‘Stand at the crossroads and look;

ask for the ancient paths,

ask where the good way is, and walk in it,

and you will find rest for your souls.

But you said, “We will not walk in it.”

Jeremiah 6:16

Haven’t we all done this? Ask for guidance then choose to go our own way and then cry out when things don’t go well. I know I have. I am in the midst of such a situation right now. In fact I have stood at this precipice many times over the past few years and have continued on my own path. The result is an internal emptiness, lack of purpose and even success as described by the world. Frustration and inertia ruled my life. I made excuses: “try harder, work more, make this instead of that, market yourself differently, try a new name, a new product, a new……” Then I played the comparison game, “If she can do it why not me?”

Wait For Directions

This morning as I meditated and prayed this scripture I saw myself standing in the middle of an intersection. Just me and miles of road. There are four choices – go back the way I came, move forward, turn right or left. Only one of those choices is guaranteed to not end well. What is past is past. Notice scripture says “ask where the good way is.” Not the only way; the best way; or even the wrong way; ask where the good way is and walk in it.

Follow Where Led

Sometimes we get so caught up in the right and wrong that we miss what God is doing in every moment of our lives. It isn’t that the paths I have been choosing are wrong or bad, they simply aren’t the best for me. I have another road to take. I can choose to travel that way or not. What is promised to me is that if I travel on the path set before me by God, it will be well with my soul. Not easy or painless, but in the end my soul will be at rest. What a gift that will be.

Until tomorrow I pray that as you stand at your crossroad, you choose the good path and follow it with confidence.

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