The Circle Of Life

Life is messy. Humans are flawed. The world is like a cyclone of violence. And yet that still small voice speaks to me and I find it is well with my soul.

Every circumstance God allows into our life is a training ground for something greater; a lesson to be learned so that one day we can help someone else. My life experience is now coming full circle as I help guide my daughter in her parenting. Helping someone else navigate life is one of our highest callings. Parenting never ends, and if blessed, a new generation comes along who will need us in a different way. That is where I currently find myself; guiding parent and child onto the same path.

How do I teach listening more than talking? I teach by listening. It is easy to talk, harder to listen. In my humanity I think God must feel this way sometimes. We come to him with a laundry list of needs and requests, say thank you and amen. Then up and out to take care of the day ahead. How do we know what God has for us if we don’t slow down to listen?

My favorite prayer time is when I practice lectio divina, or Divine Reading. It is a way of approaching the scriptures with a receptive heart rather than an analytical mind. This is such an important form of worship for me. The link provides a great introduction if you are interested.

Until tomorrow I pray that you are able to close your eyes and listen….

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