I Stand Amazed

There are few things that move my soul as much as the beauty of nature. Nature is where I feel connected to God and can allow my spirit to relax and decompress from the rigors of the modern world. Nature inspires my art work and fuels my desire to travel. It is truly the magnificence of God on display for all to see.

Having discovered my Scottish ancestry I am completely enthralled with this corner of the world. Specifically it is the islands of Orkney, Shetland and Fair Isle that capture my fancy. Certainly my adoration of wool has something to do with the Shetland and Fair Isle infatuation; my ancestors on my mother’s side can be traced to Orkney. While I don’t believe that my attraction is necessarily genetic, I have deep need to travel there to see if this connection is purely a romantic notion or indeed something deeper. Recently I discovered a delightful Instagram account (@shetlandwithlaurie). Laurie has quite the resume and is a native of Shetland. Among other things she runs a Shetland tour business. I asked her if I could share some photographs of this amazing place. She graciously agreed. If you are interested, her website is Shetland With Laurie . All photos in this post are used with her permission and can be found on her Instagram account.

This a view of Sumburghhead where Laurie went Puffin watching. Image from Instagram: @shetlandwithlaurie and @promoteshetland
Puffins are simply the most delightful birds. I want to see them in person.
Instagram: @shetlandwithlaurie / Shetland With Laurie

Laurie’s blog is so informative. She not only loves Shetland, but is a historian as well. I read her post on the rule of the Stewarts when they took control of Scotland and the surrounding islands. If this corner of the world is of interest to you, please visit and follow her on social media.

Since I can’t go to Shetland right this minute, I must find ways of filling myself from home. Unfortunately I live near the coast of southeast Texas and this is the most miserable time of year. I am looking for a remote Air BnB where I can just be quiet with God in His creation for a weekend. Maybe by doing that every few weeks might help nourish mind, soul and art. How will you reconnect? Whatever your belief or need level, nature is the best rejuvenation around.

Until tomorrow may you find the peace and joy of the natural world around you.

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