A Broken Heart and A Humble Spirit

I opened my eyes this morning and all I could see was the the final vestige of moonlight streaming through the blinds and into my bedroom. I awoke anxious. A dream, the kind that seems so real it takes time to adjust to reality, left me feeling powerless and alone. The dogs noticed a change in my breathing pattern and knew I was awake. The jumping and excitement began; no matter the time on the clock, it was time to eat. No turning back now.

Once up I set about my routine. Well…almost. Before quietly centering my mind and heart on God, I picked up my phone and read articles and watched videos. As a result I reacted out of human emotion and fear. I posted and shared before being quiet and listening to God. I have deleted the post and apologized to the person to whom I forwarded information. It is humbling to make a mistake and be called on it. I am thankful for friends who gently guide me back and pull me off the ledge. Life is one long learning experience. Had I not read and listened to the counsel of my friends I might still be crying. Had I dug in my heels and insisted that I am right and they are wrong, I would carry anger and bitterness with me. I chose to humble myself and ask forgiveness.

For those who celebrate July 4th as the beginning of our great nation, I pray for a safe and fun celebration. I also pray that we all look beyond the surface of all that is happening in our cities, dig deep and find a way to really hear the cries and the pain. As great as our country is, there is real pain and inequality that needs to be dealt with. We can debate methodology, but we can no longer turn a blind eye and continue with the status quo.

I am very open and honest about my faith. I don’t hide it. I believe that God brought this country into being as an example for the world. Not a perfect union, but a ‘more perfect union.’ We are a work in progress, and I continue to pray “God bless America.”

Until next week….

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